“You went back for her, why?”

Because it was something I could do. I mean, I couldn’t shut the place down, I couldn’t lead them all out of there like a Moses, but Jude, whatever she was, she didn’t belong there anymore than we did. I couldn’t just leave her there. After Alma died, I started visiting her there. At least once a week, sometimes twice. There were still life there, there were still someone very deep inside. But I knew that life wouldn’t last long if nobody got her out of there. They didn’t ask a lot of questions. I think they were just happy to, have one least patient to care for.

"You brought her into your home. Why did you do that? After all the indignity she made you suffer."

I didn’t do it for her, I didn’t really do it for me. I did it for the kids. I needed to be there for them and the only way I could leave Briarcliff behind once and for all was to find some way to forgive. Someone to forgive.

The first thing we had to do was see it through a detox. For a while, things seemed to be going allong pretty well, considering. I made a decision to just stay the course. They loved her, no matter how much she barked at them, they always understood something about her.

"So, she eventually came around?"

Well, it got worse before it get better. I still don’t know what happened in those woods. When they came back, something was different. Grace was right, those children were special. For six months, she taught them how to swing dance, to swear like a sailor. Made Thomas learn to sew. Took away Julia’s dolls and gave her trucks so she’d grow up tough. I don’t know, those last six months made up for a life time of horrors, but she sure seemed happy.


She's here for me.”

I don’t know who she was talking about.

"I do."

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